Recycling Machines

Recycling Machines

The following product range represents the very best in class waste processing equipment from industry leading brands.

Offering superior performance and reliability, our range of products are designed to increase your profitability and productivity, whilst keeping cost of ownership to a minimum. We are also able to offer this equipment on an operating lease basis giving you a single monthly payment and the ability to renew your machine at the end of each term. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your specific application, as we are always happy to help.

Backhus Compost Turning Solutions

Backhus offer the absolute best in class compost turning technology currently available. With machines ranging from 3m wide right up to 8m wide and turning capacities up to 6,800m3/hr there is a Backhus machine to suit your operation.

With over 1500 machines sold in over 70 countries you can be assured that the Backhus range of compost turners will deliver exceptional performance for your operation.

Backhus A Series

The Backhus A Series machines starts with the A30 model which can process windrows of 3.0m wide x 1.3m height and has a turning capacity of 700m3/hr and can be towed on a twin axle trailer.

At the top of the range is the flagship A75 machine which can process windrows of 7.5m wide x 3.3m height and has a massive turning capacity of 7,000 m3/hr making it one of the most productive compost turners in the marketplace.

All machines offer innovative product features which firmly establish the Backus A Series as the industry leading machine of choice for your composting operation.

Backhus LT

The Backhus LT is designed to operate on top of the concrete walls in an open top in-vessel composting/biodrying operations.

Designed for lanes between 4.5m to 5.0m wide, the Backhus LT can process up to 2,000 m3/hr ensuring optimum aerobic performance.

The LT can be integrated into existing as well as new plants and the team of experts at Backhus can also assist in planning your own aerobic lane system.

Backhus CON Series

The Backhus CON series combines the Backhus compost turner and the Convaero aerobic membrane winder into an automated turning and covering/uncovering operation.

The combination of dedicated compost turning and aerobic membrane ensures that your compost windrow odours are controlled and that your retention time/composting performance is significantly improved.

Available in 6m, 8m and 10m widths, the Backhus CON Series has literally got you covered.

Terra Select Mobile Screens

Terra Select have earned a well deserved reputation as market leaders in mobile screening technology by delivering innovative product features and higher screening capacities than the majority of their competitors.

A choice of diesel, hybrid and electric drives are available to suit your particular application and to dramatically reduce your diesel consumption.

If you are interested in either a mobile trommel or mobile starscreen in up to three separate fractions, the Terra Select range of solutions are second to none.

Mobile trommel Screens

The Terra Select mobile trommel screens are available in a range of sizes from the compact T40 machine which can be towed behind a commercial vehicle, right through to the large T70 tracked machines with massive processing performance.

The larger diameter of the Terra Select trommel screens offer a higher effective screener area than other machines in their class.

A range of innovative options are available for the entire range alongside an impressive list of standard features which are designed to provide easy of maintenance, longer life, lower noise and higher productivity.

All Terra Machine are available with the Terra V40/V60 windsifter for further product separation.

If you would like a demonstration of a Terra Select mobile trommel screen, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Star Screens

The Terra Select S60 mobile star screen offers extremely high screening throughputs even with wet and sticky material and is especially suited to screening compost, biomass, bark and wood chip.

Two screening decks are available with screening sizes between 6mm to 180mm at up to 300m3/hr.

The machine is mounted on a road legal trailer and can be setup/packed up in under 5 minutes.

Please contact us for further details on this machine.

Semi-Mobile Screening Panel

The semi mobile screening panel is an extremely cost effective screening deck that is designed to be used on the discharge belt of an existing screen or shredder.

The screen is lightweight and has folding legs and is designed to be connected either electrically or hydraulically (via an auxiliary drive of the upstream machine).

The compact nature of the machine means that it can be transported in the feed hopper of a T50 or T60 trommel screen.

Forus Shredders

Forus specialise in the manufacture of twin shaft pre-shredders for all types of wood and waste – effortlessly shredding domestic waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, waste wood, green waste and rootstocks.

The slow speed twin shaft machines are built with asynchronous shafts so are also suitable for shredding plastic film, dense plastics, UPVC, tyres and webbings and other difficult material where traditional twin shaft shredders will struggle.


The new Eggersmann two-shaft shredder FORUS SE 38 is the ideal, universal shredder in the recycling market and can shred all types of recyclable waste and prepare it for further processing. Household bulky waste, commercial waste, films, paper, glass, asphalt, compressed bales, electrical scrap, various composites and solar panels are shredded just as effortlessly as waste wood and demolition wood, green waste, biomass or rootstocks.

The new big brother of the FORUS SE 25 comes with a feed hopper with a capacity of 4 m³ which can be hydraulically operated at the push of a button, ideal for wheel loaders or excavator feeding. The hydraulically adjustable overband magnet can be adjusted in height via remote control and optimally adapted to the material flow.


The Forus SE250 range of shredders simply offer the best value for money currently available on the market with prices starting at under £200,000!

The SE250 is powered by either a caterpillar C7.1 250hp engine or a 132kW electric drive giving you the opportunity to dramatically reduce your diesel consumption.

The machine is available with either caterpillar tracks for ease of moving around site or a hooklift frame for easily transporting on a hooklift lorry.

With throughput rates of approximately 40 tph on household waste, 15-20 tph on wood waste and 10-15tph on bulky waste, the SE250 is certainly not a compromise on performance.

The hydraulically lowered breaker bar is available in 5 different sizes which allows you to alter the size of material produced giving additional versatility in this powerful and compact package.

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of this machine to fully assess its potential.


For the first time we are now able to offer the incredible value for money Forus SE250 in a fully stationary configuration.

The SES250 still retains the hydraulic breaker bar system of the mobile machine, allowing you to tailor the output size to suit your needs.

Throughput rates for the SES250 are the same as those of the mobile variants so the compact size has certainly not compromised performance.

If you are looking for a compact and value for money machine to integrate into an existing operation or would like us to design a plant to suit – please contact us.

Convaero Aerobic Membrane System

The Convaero aerobic membrane system offers significant performance improvement in both Windrow Composting and Windrow Biodrying processes.

The semi permeable membrane provides massive odour reduction (comparable to an in-vessel composting/Biodrying process) as well as providing a much more consistent composting environment within the membrane which significantly improves aerobic performance.

When used in conjunction with a Backhus Compost Turner a fully automated turning, covering and uncovering process can be achieved.

Teuton Universal Shredders

The Teuton range of universal shredders represent the very pinnacle of shredder innovation Worldwide.

The single shaft machines have a choice of three easy-to-change teeth types for cutting, crushing or shredding and a hydraulically adjustable cutting table allows for a range of different output sizes in one pass.

From difficult materials such as tyres, mattresses and cables right the way through to wood and green-waste, there is very little that the Teuton range cannot process.
The Teuton range of shredders are simply the most flexible machines in the marketplace and have gained a reputation as the machine of choice.


Z60 Mobile

The new big brother of the Teuton universal shredder family is quickly gaining a reputation as the market leading single shaft shredder.

Powered by a fuel-efficient Cummins QSX15 600hp engine, the Teuton Z60 delivers superior power for higher throughput rates on almost any type of material you can throw at it!

The stepless, automatic speed controlled, hydrostatic drive provides full power in both forward and reverse which ensures that even the toughest material is processed whilst keeping the shaft clean.

The output size is hydraulically variable and a variety of screen baskets (80mm – 250mm) are also available for an even more defined product size.
The Z60 is available on either a 5th wheel trailer or on caterpillar tracks.

If you would like to see just what this machine is capable of, please contact us for a demonstration.



The Teuton Z50 boasts all of the same features and benefits as its big brother but uses the slightly smaller Cummins X12 507hp engine for customers who do not need the higher throughput of the Z60.

Interchangeable teeth, adjustable output size, optional screen basket system and a stepless speed controlled hydrostatic drive are all features that the Z50 shares with the Z60 but at a much lower price point.

If massive throughput rates are not the deciding factor then the Teuton Z50 may well be the machine of choice for your operation.

If you would like to see just what this machine is capable of, please contact us for a demonstration.


Z55 Stationary

The Teuton Z55 static electric shredder is the first shredder of its type to bring most of the features and benefits of the Teuton mobile machine into a static configuration.

Powered by 2 x 160kW electric motors, the Teuton Z55 deliver high throughput rates via speed adjustable hydrostatic drive.

Interchangeable teeth, adjustable output size & the optional screen basket system were historically only available for the mobile machine market but offer so many benefits to a static installation.

The Z55 is available with a wide range of innovative options, so please contact us if you would like to discuss this machine in more detail.

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