Terra Select have earned a well deserved reputation as market leaders in mobile screening technology by delivering innovative product features and higher screening capacities than the majority of their competitors.

A choice of diesel, hybrid and electric drives are available to suit your particular application and to dramatically reduce your diesel consumption.

If you are interested in either a mobile trommel or mobile starscreen in up to three separate fractions, the Terra Select range of solutions are second to none.

Mobile trommel Screens

The Terra Select mobile trommel screens are available in a range of sizes from the compact T40 machine which can be towed behind a commercial vehicle, right through to the large T70 tracked machines with massive processing performance.

The larger diameter of the Terra Select trommel screens offer a higher effective screener area than other machines in their class.

A range of innovative options are available for the entire range alongside an impressive list of standard features which are designed to provide easy of maintenance, longer life, lower noise and higher productivity.

All Terra Machine are available with the Terra V40/V60 windsifter for further product separation.

If you would like a demonstration of a Terra Select mobile trommel screen, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Star Screens

The Terra Select S60 mobile star screen offers extremely high screening throughputs even with wet and sticky material and is especially suited to screening compost, biomass, bark and wood chip.

Two screening decks are available with screening sizes between 6mm to 180mm at up to 300m3/hr.

The machine is mounted on a road legal trailer and can be setup/packed up in under 5 minutes.

Please contact us for further details on this machine.

Semi-Mobile Screening Panel

The semi mobile screening panel is an extremely cost effective screening deck that is designed to be used on the discharge belt of an existing screen or shredder.

The screen is lightweight and has folding legs and is designed to be connected either electrically or hydraulically (via an auxiliary drive of the upstream machine).

The compact nature of the machine means that it can be transported in the feed hopper of a T50 or T60 trommel screen.