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Biological Processing

The processing of organic material from either MSW fines or source segregated food waste/green waste is becoming an increasingly important tool in our fight against global warming.

Kaizen supplies aerobic processing plants & technology for both composting and bio-drying projects, as well as dry anaerobic digestion technology to produce biogas and either electricity and/or biomethane.

Eggersmann Biological Drying

The biological drying of organic rich fines provides an innovative solution within modern waste treatment processing.

Using biological aerobic activity, the organic rich material is biologically dried resulting in high levels of moisture loss (>30% in some cases) in 10-14 days.

The resultant dried material can then be easily separated into high quality metals, plastics and inert fractions whilst also producing a very high biomass rich fuel fraction with less than 20% moisture.

If you are looking to produce a high biomass fuel with low moisture content, we have a solution.

Eggersmann In Vessel Composting

Eggersmann were one of the early pioneers of in-vessel composting and have since built many hundreds of tunnels worldwide including some of the largest in-vessel composting facilities on the planet.

Available as either fully enclosed, open topped or housed windrows and also with manual loading, automated loading and automated unloading systems – there is certainly an Eggersmann solution to meet your needs.

The Eggersmann in-house SCADA controlled process management system ensures optimal conditions are maintained throughout the composting process for superior performance.

Bekon Dry Fermentation (Biogas Production)

It has become increasingly important to treat organic material and foodwaste as this material is responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions.

The Bekon dry fermentation system uses the natural fermentation process within a precisely controlled environment to produce a methane rich biogas that can be used to produce electricity or can be upgraded and injected into the gas network.

Dry fermentation offers a much more robust and contaminant tolerant solution than traditional wet digestion and is much more suited to processing the organic rich fraction from MSW or source segregated food and greenwaste feedstock.

With over 80 plants in operation worldwide, Bekon are one of the market leaders in dry fermentation and hold many patents for this innovative technology.

Backhus Compost Turning Solutions

Backhus offer the absolute best in class compost turning technology currently available. With machines ranging from 3m wide right up to 8m wide and turning capacities up to 6,800m3/hr there is a Backhus machine to suit your operation.

With over 1500 machines sold in over 70 countries you can be assured that the Backhus range of compost turners will deliver exceptional performance for your operation.

Backhus A Series

The Backhus A Series machines starts with the A30 model which can process windrows of 3.0m wide x 1.3m height and has a turning capacity of 700m3/hr and can be towed on a twin axle trailer.

At the top of the range is the flagship A75 machine which can process windrows of 7.5m wide x 3.3m height and has a massive turning capacity of 7,000 m3/hr making it one of the most productive compost turners in the marketplace.

All machines offer innovative product features which firmly establish the Backus A Series as the industry leading machine of choice for your composting operation.

Backhus LT

The Backhus LT is designed to operate on top of the concrete walls in an open top in-vessel composting/biodrying operations.

Designed for lanes between 4.5m to 5.0m wide, the Backhus LT can process up to 2,000 m3/hr ensuring optimum aerobic performance.

The LT can be integrated into existing as well as new plants and the team of experts at Backhus can also assist in planning your own aerobic lane system.

Backhus CON Series

The Backhus CON series combines the Backhus compost turner and the Convaero aerobic membrane winder into an automated turning and covering/uncovering operation.

The combination of dedicated compost turning and aerobic membrane ensures that your compost windrow odours are controlled and that your retention time/composting performance is significantly improved.

Available in 6m, 8m and 10m widths, the Backhus CON Series has literally got you covered.

Convaero Aerobic Membrane System

The Convaero aerobic membrane system offers significant performance improvement in both Windrow Composting and Windrow Biodrying processes.

The semi permeable membrane provides massive odour reduction (comparable to an in-vessel composting/Biodrying process) as well as providing a much more consistent composting environment within the membrane which significantly improves aerobic performance.

When used in conjunction with a Backhus Compost Turner a fully automated turning, covering and uncovering process can be achieved.

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