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Baling systems


Baling equipment ensures that materials are stored and transported efficiently by pressing these into compact blocks.

With pressing forces of between 60 – 210 tons, the machines we supply will be able to cope with the vast majority of your baling requirements.

Europress Umwelttechnik

Europress Umwelttechnik are an innovative manufacturer of high quality baling, conveying and sorting technology.

Each product is tailor made to the individual needs of a specific customer and includes:

  • mobile and stationary channel balers
  • twin ram balers
  • bulkhead presses
  • conveyor belts
  • dosing bunkers
  • sorting systems

Europress balers have been designed with ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership in mind and is truly the Rolls Royce in the baling sector.

After many years servicing and repairing competitors machines, the Europress machines have been designed and built to address many of the common problems faced by baler operators.

And whilst many baler manufacturers have sought to reduce manufacturing costs by reducing weight, Europress balers are some of the heaviest in the sector and designed so that they are rarely replaced.

Chanel Balers with wire or twine tying

The EP and HP range of channel balers are available with bale dimensions of 750mm x 1,100mm or 1,100mm x 1,100mm and a range or press forces of 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 210 tons.

Some other features include:

  • Fully Hardox 500 lined internals
  • Vertical & horizontal tying options
  • Easy to replace tying tools
  • Height-adjustable press ram for optimised knife gap
  • Top and bottom hydraulically operated needle slot covers
  • Oil displacement measurement for optimal ram positioning
  • Easy access from outside of the machine for most maintenance tasks
  • Fast moving cylinders for increased performance
  • Floating press ram (cardanic bearings) to ensure no transverse loads
  • Mobile App
  • Heavy duty frame

Mobile Channel Balers

Europress also offer a number of mobile baling solutions on either hooklift or trailer chassis, all of which have the same innovative features that make the Europress machine so popular within Europe.

The trailer mounted baler can also be provided with an integrated wrapping unit from Crosswrap to provide a fully self contained mobile baling and wrapping solution!


A range of Europress conveyors are available including chain belt conveyors, sliding belt conveyors, steel slat conveyors and even mobile conveyors.

Swan neck, in floor as well as length, width and inclination options, means we can supply a belt for many specific applications.

The mobile conveyor is mounted on a hooklift frame and can be used alongside our mobile channel baler for a fully mobile baling operation.

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